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Message from the President

Muraoka Shokai is a machine tool trading company founded in 1958. Although it is a long-established store in the same industry, we continue to challenge various fields without being bound by industry customs.
With the cooperation of many customers and reliable employees who have continued since our founding, we are now engaged in not only trading company business but also construction business and human resources business.
Our mission is to support Japanese manufacturing from various angles. Here in Shizuoka prefecture, the center of manufacturing where the factories of major manufacturers gather. We will continue to support Japanese manufacturing with the four pillars of trading company business, engineering business, human resources business, and injection molding business as a new business, firmly rooted in the local area.






​Overview / History

Trade name

Muraoka Shokai Co., Ltd.



16-5 Chuo-cho, Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture


 CEO Mamabu Muraoka


Shizuoka Bank Shimada Branch

Shimizu Bank Shimada Branch

Resona Bank Hamamatsu Branch Shimada Kakegawa Shinkin Bank Head Office

Mitsubishi  UFJ Bank Shizuoka Branch

​SShizuoka Central Bank Shimada Branch

Director Michiko Muraoka

    Kimihiro Terao

                Mitsuhisa Kawakami


Machine tool commerce Construction manufacturing Human resources business

Closing month


contact address

phone   0547-36-5651 (Representative)
FAX   0547-35-4347


Business content

Labor-saving equipment, electric equipment, machine tools, logistics management, general trading company

Items handled

● Conduction equipment

● Tack screw and hardware

● Machine tools / touring

● Hydraulic / pneumatic equipment

● Pump / piping material

● Transportation / transportation equipment

● Physical and chemical equipment

● Measuring tool

● Labor-saving automation equipment

● Hydraulic / pneumatic tools

● Various work tools

● Environmental improvement / safety equipment

● Chemical products / resin products

● Cutting tools / abrasives

● Electric heating equipment  Equipment maintenance

● Design and manufacture of labor-saving machines

● Repair and maintenance of various pumps

● Various air conditioning equipment

● Seismic retrofitting

● Electrical control / electrical work

● Construction / remodeling / repair work

● Various mold manufacturing

● Various plumbing works

● Conveyor belt replacement work

● Machine repair work

● Metal processing / resin processing

● Installation of transport equipment and movement of heavy objects

● Factory facility improvement work

● Various plant works

● Sound insulation, soundproofing, and sound absorption work

Major manufacturers handling


Ebara Corporation 

NSK Ltd.

NTN Corporation

Oriental Motor Co., Ltd.

Mitsuboshi Belting Co., Ltd.

Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Habadit Japan Co., Ltd.

TAIYO Limited

Hitachi, Ltd.

Sanko SMC Corporation

Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

Makitec Co., Ltd.

Japan Pisco Co., Ltd.

OSG Co., Ltd.

Maxinco Co., Ltd.

Koganei Co., Ltd.

Nippon Bearing Co., Ltd.

Pika Corporation


KITO Corporation

Okura Transport Machine Co., Ltd.

Toyo Valve Co., Ltd.

Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.


Sakae Co., Ltd.

Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.

THK Co., Ltd.

Mitutoyo Co., Ltd.

Toyox Co., Ltd.

Suiden Co., Ltd. 

Nippon Hoist Co., Ltd.

OH Industrial Co., Ltd. 

Nippon Thompson Co., Ltd.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Kohara Gear Industry Co., Ltd. 

Tyco Float Tale Co., Ltd.

Imao Corporation

Roll Japan Co., Ltd.

Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.



Osaka Sanitary Co., Ltd.

Taniko Co., Ltd.

Dalton Co., Ltd.


Nilfix Advance Co., Ltd.

  Hosen Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Esco Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Valve Co., Ltd.

Tsubakimoto Chain Co., Ltd.

CKD Corporation

Mitsuwa Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Daifuku Co., Ltd.

Anest Iwata Co., Ltd.

About authorization / registration

General construction permit

  • Pipework business: (General-28) No. 036729

  • Building / painting / waterproofing business, etc .: (General-29) No. 036729

Eco action 21

* Third-party certification / registration system for environmental management system

Shizuoka Chubu Kikokai

Worker dispatch business

  • Faction 22-300625

Payed Employment agency

  • ​22-ユ-300606

Career consulting (qualified career consultant based on the Vocational Ability Development Promotion Law)

Senior dispatch / OB re-employment dispatch

  • General Incorporated Association Lifelong Active Life Support Machinery Shizuoka Branch

Shizuoka Prefecture Professional Human Resources Strategy Center

  • Shizuka 31-006

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