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Our Story

Around the world, people give the utmost trust to “Made in Japan” and “Assembled in Japan.” We Japanese have spent more than a thousand years living for the “absolute best,” and this is a direct result.

My name is Manabu Muraoka, and I'm CEO of Muraoka Inc. Our family line can be traced back to 9 generations before the 12th century military leader Taira no Kiyomori, to a military commander who lived in the middle of the Heian Era, from The 9th to 10th centuries, named Taira no Kunika. The family name changed to Muraoka when Taira no Kunika's fifth son, Taira no Goroyoshifumi, was transferred to Musashi no Kuni (an area which included parts of what are now Tokyo, Saitama, and Kanagawa ) to govern from Muraoka Manor, and received the name of that place. For 35 generations since, the Muraoka family has continued, bearing the samurai crest of the wheel of eight hawk feathers.


At Muraoka Inc., we are proud of the name and tradition of our family, and we are proud of the name of the country inspiring trust across the world – Japan. As coordinators and arrangers of factories, we contribute to the production of every single product in its absolute best state.

As we carry products to equip the entire factory, we offer an extremely diverse lineup: From production equipment for factories to plumbing and pumps, from electrical parts and disaster prevention products to office equipment and supplies.

Among our main clients are several major companies, including production factories for food and pharmaceuticals, and we are also particularly adept at equipping stainless steel production facilities. In addition, we have departments devoted to processing and construction, which perform design, production, modification, We also offer processing of parts, as well as construction work for plumbing and building additions, so we proudly offer our specialized knowledge of machinery, our product lineup, and our price.

Meet The Team


Yukimori Muraoka


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for new crew to join

Muraoka Shokai is looking  

Recruiting friends

The next generation of Shizuoka
[Manufacturing engineer]

Basic salary

170,000 yen, 180,000 yen, 190,000 yen

Perfect attendance allowance

10,000 yen (20-21 days, no late arrival, no early leave, no absenteeism)

Job allowance

5,000 yen (* shift allowance including night shift, no day shift)

overtime pay

125% increase in hourly wage

Holidays135% increase in hourly wage

Midnight allowance

25% increase in hourly wage (from 22:00 to 5:00 the next day)

Work location

Kakegawa City, Makinohara City, Kikugawa City, Shimada City, Yaizu City, etc.


1 month each in summer / winter (first year is a sword)


Transportation expenses (round trip from home to work)

Paid leave 10 days / year

Severance pay system (from the third year onwards)

Bonus (summer / winter)

Mutual Aid Association (Discounts for use of local facilities, ceremonial occasions, entrance celebrations, etc.)

Welfare pension

Social insurance

Workers' accident compensation insurance

Medical insurance for hospitalization for illness (treatment costs, dietary treatment costs, differential bed charges, etc.)

Cancer outpatient treatment cost support

Telephone health consultation service ・

Telephone mental counseling service

Life insurance

Regular health check

Meal (once every 2-3 months)

Hot air party (only for those who wish), year-end party (only for those who wish)

In-house circle (for example, a fishing club is being launched)

Rental motorcycle (negotiable)

Career consulting, qualification acquisition support (lift license, technician, etc.), employment agency

One-room condominium assistance (according to our regulations), etc.

No required qualifications, inexperienced people welcome
You can work in the best environment for those who want to build a career in the manufacturing world.

SDGs Activity


Our Clients

Eco Action21



16-5 Chuou cho, Shimada City, Shizuoka Pre, Japan  427-0042

Takes approx 15mins from JR Shimada Sta.


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